Bakos Winery Csobánc hill

Apart from the witness hills surrounding Tapolca, it is an excellent destination for trips, but also high-quality wine-growing and wine-growing areas.

The unique taste of the wines grown on basalt was known as the wines of the Badacsony Wine Region. Nowadays, more and more people know that the circle does not narrow down to Badacsony Hill, but also to Szent György, Tóti, Gulács and Csobánc Mountains.

The 3.5-hectare estate of Bakos Winery is located in the historical Badacsony Wine Region, in the Balaton Uplands National Park.

The 376-meter-high, 3.42 million-year-old basalt-cooled volcano is on the southeastern side of Csobánc Hill. The estate is located halfway on the Kéktúra route leading to Csobánc Castle.

The winery’s areas feature key grape varieties from the region, such as Olaszrizling, Szürkebarát, Furmint and Pinot Blanc.

The center of Bakos Winery is the vaulted cellar and press house built in 1822 in the vineyard area, at 17 Csobánc Hill. Our selected premium wines, made exclusively from 100% grapes, are grown exclusively on Csobánc Hill. We make protected, protected, origin-protected, terrior wines suitable for long maturation using a traditional process.

In our wines, the salty, mineral, almond and floral notes typical of the Badacsony Wine Region and the witness mountains of the Tapolca Basin return.

They offer authentic wines that unmistakably carry the terroir flavors of Csobánc Hill, suggesting light elegance and nobility.

In the cellar there are opportunities for wine tastings, visits to the estate and here is also the sale of wine.

Weekend excursions on the estate, picnic basket filled with local delicacies and wine, plaid, pillows, cutlery.