The witness hills around Tapolca are not only excellent excursion destinations, but also high-quality wine and wine growing areas.
The unique taste of the wines grown on basalt soil was known as the wines of the Badacsony Wine Region.

Nowadays, more and more people know that the circle does not narrow down to Badacsony Hill, but also to Tóti, Gulács, Csobánc and Szent György Mountains.

In recent years, St. George’s Hill has become increasingly popular with the appearance of smaller and larger quality wineries and wineries.

The Bencze estate was founded in 2011 on St. George’s Hill. Then, by 2013, it had reached its final size of 18 acres.

Their main goal is to rediscover long-forgotten grape varieties. Thus, in addition to their two main grape varieties, Rhine Riesling and Pinot Noir, they also deal with Furmint, Kéknyelű, Hárslevelű and Bakator.

It is believed that with as little intervention as possible, they can really preserve the true character and energy of the grapes, the terroir.
They have been working organically in the vineyards from the beginning, but since 2014 they have been cultivating their areas biodynamically.
From the 2018 vintage onwards, their wines will not be clarified, filtered, and sulfur use has also been completely abandoned.