Bencze Birtok

Bencze Estate Hegymagas is located in Hegymagas, at the foot of Szent György Hill, 6 km from Tapolca, 5 km from Szigliget and only 8 km from Badacsony.

Hegymagas and the neighboring settlements are known for their peace and quiet, which ensures relaxation for guests coming here all year round. If you want to have an active holiday, you have numerous opportunities to hike in the surrounding witness hills, either on your own or on an organized tour.

Visit the nearby Arboretums or the visitor centers of the Balaton Uplands National Park, including the spring cave in Tapolca. (We recommend that you book a ticket in advance to make sure you get in!) And those who are interested in aquatic life can even take part in a water tour.

“When we first arrived on the mountain in 2011, we were immediately captivated by the spirit of the place. The sight of basalt organs, the sparkle of Lake Balaton and the grazing cows have become part of our everyday lives. We would also like to share this with the guests who visit here, tearing them out of the everyday life of the modern world. In our central area, which is connected by small vineyards, we have renovated three press houses, which are waiting for our guests who want to relax in winter and summer. Our guesthouses are right in the vineyard, with a wonderful panorama of Lake Balaton, Szigliget, Badacsony and the Keszthely Mountains. ”

Equipment and facilities: well-equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, towels, toiletries, wifi, parking.

Dog surcharge: 4000 HUF / dog / night

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