Borbély Family Winery

Borbély Családi Pincészet is a winery of a family from Tapolca, but the cellar is located in Badacsonytomaj. Their areas can be found on several hills and vineyards of the Badacsony Wine Region, not only on Badacsony Hill.

The wines of the winery have been chosen several times as the wine of the City of Tapolca.

Inspired by our love the Badacsony region and its long tradition of wine- making, Our family has, across generations, engaged in the practise of viticulture. Working with numerous verieties of grape and individuals vineyards, we use both traditional and modern technologies. The produced in our family vineyard range from fresh and fruity tyes to full-bodied, terrior vareties.

You are welcome to cam and taste our wines and to stay over-night in our guest-house.

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