Csilla-Lak is located in Gyulakeszi, at the foot of Csobánc Hill, only 3.5 km from Tapolca and only 10 km from Badacsony.

Gyulakeszi and the neighboring settlements are known for their peace and quiet, which ensures the rest of the year for the guests who come here.

If you want to have an active holiday, there are countless opportunities to hike in the surrounding witness hills, either on your own or on an organized tour. The nearby Arboretums or the visitor centers of the Balaton Uplands National Park, including the spring cave in Tapolca, can be visited all year round. (We recommend that you book a ticket in advance to make sure you get in!) And those who are interested in aquatic life can even take part in a water tour.

It welcomes its guests who want to relax in a quiet and friendly environment. The accommodation is in a clean, tidy, renovated condition.

There are many activities in the area, from gastro venues to art festivals.

The landscape, the beauty of the surroundings offer a good rest for those who want a little relaxation. Equipment and tools: bathroom, toilet, TV room, kitchenette, terrace

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