Gilvesy Winery

The witness hills around Tapolca are not excellent excursion destinations, but also vineyards with outstanding features.

The unique taste of wines produced on basalt soil has long been tied to Badacsony Hill, but nowadays more and more people know that the range of wines marked “Badacsonyi origin” is not limited to Badacsony Hill. They contain the same excellent wines in the Csobánc, Gulács, Szent György and Tóti mountains belonging to the Badacsony wine region.

In recent years, St. George’s Hill has become increasingly popular with the appearance of smaller and larger quality wineries and wineries.

“When I first visited St. George’s Hill, I knew right away that if I had the opportunity, I would live here. I bought the press house in 1994, which was in ruins until 2007. ” This is how the history of Gilvesy Winery began. They currently work organically on 17 hectares and have their wines available worldwide. ”

Every drop of Gilvesy wines tells the story of the mountain – “This area has features that need to be preserved. The volcanic soil, the proximity of Lake Balaton and the beautiful landscape all make it special. ” Róbert Gilvesy

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