Tóth Family Winery

The least known of the volcanic mountains of the Tapolca Basin is Haláp Hill, especially when it comes to wine. Yet, it used to have the same beautiful shape as St. George’s, Csobánc or Badacsony Hill.

Unfortunately, mining has left a lasting mark and reshaped the mountain. In contrast, viticulture is gaining more and more emphasis here as well.

The Tóth Family Winery is located in the Balaton Uplands wine region, in the settlement of Zalahaláp, at the foot of Haláp Hill. Their production area covers almost 3 hectares, on which 8 different varieties of grapes are grown.

The family has been involved in viticulture and winemaking for generations. The size of their areas and the variety of varieties have been constantly widening over the years, and their wineries have been established and developed.

In their wine cellar, in addition to traditional wines fermented and matured in barrels, you can also find maturation in modern, steel and acid-resistant tanks.

They constantly pay attention to the quality and needs of their consumers. Within the framework of wine tastings and wine dinners, everyone is greeted with fine fish from the mountains.

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