It is located 12 km’ s from the Balaton in the basin named after the town itself. A settlement was already formed here as far back as the Neolithic period. The Slavic originated word Toplucha means thermal spring in Hungarian. The dynamically developing town was already a centre of this region in the 18th century. People used all the traditional means ofproduction here. The provincial wines produced in the region and favoured by many all around Europe have been the main source of income for the local population for hundreds of years. The townscape shows obvious signs of the active trading, which took place here during the previous century. As a result of certain major developments around the
turn of the century the town became the centre of traffic in thisregion. As the bauxite mines gained more importance during the 60s, the settlement, which was a village until then was
declared a town once more. Since then the name of the town has become more familiar to travellers through the sights located around and in the town.

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