Véndektanya Guesthouse

With its Mediterranean city center, Tapolca is one of the less bustling cities, guaranteeing the relaxation of those who want to relax. On the other hand, those who would choose a more active and active holiday will also find a program and activity in the area that they like. It is enough to think about the natural endowments, the Tapolca Basin with its witness hills, study trails and castles, Lake Balaton offers an experience for visitors in every square. On the outskirts of Tapolca, near the forest, on a small farm, what you have been wanting for a long time can come true. Great conversations… Fresh air… Slow down, hike or listen at night from the cool garden. In their guest house, families, groups of friends or team builders can enjoy not to disturb the dog either. In 2 separate buildings, there are 7 bedrooms for 16 people with their own bathrooms, shared living rooms and kitchen. Be it a family gathering, a class meeting, a weekend with a group of friends, if the favorable price and the natural environment are important aspects. Both the accommodation and its surroundings are a paradise for children – so adults can also relax in the many corners that invite you to relax. Spacious landscaped yard, closed parking. Cooking facilities, possibility of grilling. They continue to welcome their old and future guests all year round!

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