Napvirág Winery

The witness hills around Tapolca are not excellent excursion destinations, but also vineyards with outstanding features.

The unique taste of wines produced on basalt soil has long been tied to Badacsony Hill, but nowadays more and more people know that the range of wines marked “Badacsonyi origin” is not limited to Badacsony Hill. They contain the same excellent wines in the Csobánc, Gulács, Szent György and Tóti mountains belonging to the Badacsony wine region.

In recent years, St. George’s Hill has become increasingly popular with the appearance of smaller and larger wineries and wineries.

It is often said that if you know the wine, you know the host as well. The quality of the wine is in direct proportion to the human quality of the farmer.

The quality of wine is never an obvious result of a winemaking process, the way of making wine is also influenced by character.
Wine is not just a creation of the area, hand and traditional (or technical) tools, much more a heartfelt message.
This can only and exclusively make it unique, which is why winemaking is such a beautiful, creative act. What I offer you, you.

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Yours sincerely, Attila Nagy winemaker and his wife Ágnes Nagy is a primary producer


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