Szabó Winery Gyulakeszi

The witness hills around Tapolca are not excellent excursion destinations, but also vineyards with outstanding features.

The unique taste of wines produced on basalt soil has long been tied to Badacsony Hill, but nowadays more and more people know that the range of wines marked “Badacsonyi origin” is not limited to Badacsony Hill. They contain the same excellent wines in the Csobánc, Gulács, Szent György and Tóti mountains belonging to the Badacsony wine region.

At the Szabó Cellar, they welcome their dear guests to the more than 110-year-old wine cellar. Friendly service, many stories and fine wines await those interested.

By telephone, the full wine tasting can be paired with delicious food and a Csobánc tour. You can choose between a cold or oven dinner. For oven-baked dinner, they bake delicious meats and offer cake for our sweet wines.

On request, they can visit their cellars and vineyards in Csobánc, where their guests can see the place from where there is a beautiful panorama of the Káli Basin.

Visit them and they promise you won’t be disappointed. They have heart and soul as well as plenty of work in the wine they will taste!


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